Michael Snell

Lover's Lullaby

Michael Snell
Written By Michael Snell


So, I heard this phrase "make an appointment with the moon". Song idea!


Lovers Lullaby

Tell me who I am when I'm not with you

A solitary man looking for the truth.

I look into the sky, just maybe I'll see you

Reflected in the light of the moon.

We lead our separate lives yet share love in our hearts

Not seeing any end nor remembering a start

So, look up in the sky and you will find me too

reflected in the light of the moon.

Let your soul sing to the moonlit night

Know love's reflected in the light.

So, leave on these nights just a little room

For an appointment with the moon.

So, go out in the yard. Look into the sky.

I will do the same. promise not to cry.

Tell me 'bout your day, We'll be together soon

And hold each other close in the light of moon